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              Medical paper-plastic bag making machine (digital)

              Using the packaging solutions provided by the Y25-600 series, you will get optimized hardware and technical support, improve practicability and reliability, and ensure that customers stand out in the fierce competition.

              main feature:

              1. Adopt PLC servo control and operating system, human-machine interface touch screen system, which provides precise guarantee for high-speed and stable operation of the machine.
              2. Adopt imported servo motor and fixed-length photoelectric control
              3. The host adopts imported frequency conversion speed control
              4. Digital precise pressure control to ensure smoother products and increase yield.
              5. New type pneumatic locking double station double discharge device, equipped with double automatic correction and double constant tension, double frequency conversion feeding is stable and reliable, air expansion shaft _ feeding is fast and convenient.
              6. Equipped with automatic punching device

              The main technical parameters:

              Maximum width of bag making 600mm
              Maximum length of bag making 600mm
              Number of bag making rows 1~5 rows
              Mechanical speed 150Strokes/Min times/minute
              Total power 21KW
              Dimensions 5800x1530x1910(mm,LxWxH)
              Machine weight About 2800Kg