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              About us

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              Zhejiang Wenew Machinery Co,Ltd is located in Ruian  City, Zhejiang Province, where is a Wenzhou south coastal advanced equipment industry gathering area, with huge industrial clusters and convenient transportation. Our company specializing in the production of medical packaging equipment, founded in 2016 by a senior professional team with rich industrial experience. Engaged in research, design, manufacture, selling and service, With technology innovation, management innovation, service innovation as the purpose of the enterprise. Based on years of experience in design and manufacture, our team constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and constantly develop innovative in exploration. Our company had pass ISO 9001:2015 and our products have CE certification.  Once put on the market, our products are popular in international area such as India, southeast Asia and the domestic area such as Anhui, Henan and Shandong, where medical materials industrial belt, being deeply trusted by customers.
              Brand new company, mature team, we know it is not easy to create our reputation and brand: Once promised, Always keep words.
              Wish to create more brilliant future for medical package industry together with all involved  colleagues in the same business.